Gas prices throughout Arizona on the rise

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- With gasoline going up a penny per gallon each day for the past month, Arizonan's taking to the road may be paying more than they ever have on a Labor Day weekend. 

So why the huge spike in gas prices? 

Even before Hurricane Isaac hit shore it was being blamed for the rise at the pumps. 

Platforms that pump oil in the Gulf were abandoned with the storm on the way and that means crude oil prices are going up, says Triple A's Michelle Donati.

Donati says a refinery fire in California and troubles in the Middle East are also to blame for Arizonans paying more per gallon.

"That's BS," said Sarita Legore as she was filling up at the Arco AmPm at 16th Street and Thomas. 

Legore said as long as she can remember gasoline has always gone up for the Labor Day weekend, hurricane or no hurricane.

"That's more money out of my pocket," said Michaela Grey, who was also filling up at the Arco.

Grey also doubts blaming a storm that hasn't hit shore yet for high prices here in the Valley.

The good news, according to Triple A's Donati? 

Only three states pay less than Arizona for gasoline. So while prices have gone up 35 cents per gallon in the last month, drivers in most other states are paying much more.

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