Gilbert mother worries neighbor's medical marijuana plants making her family sick

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

GILBERT, Ariz. -- A Gilbert mother is concerned about what’s going on inside her neighbor’s home.

Loretta Storment said the smells coming from next door are making her family sick.

“I worry every day," she said. "My kids have been to the doctor six times. Yesterday I took my 11-month-old and the doctor said he's got blisters on the back of his throat and they don't know why.”

The concerned mother of two said she can smell medical marijuana blowing into her home.

“He [neighbor] has infringed on my children's ability to play in our backyard and smell fresh clean air,” Storment said.

Earlier this month, Storment’s neighbor's home caught fire, knocking the power out.

A spokesperson with the Gilbert Fire Department said grease and exposed wires caused the fire.

“What other kind of chemicals are they going to grow before we all of a sudden have another fire and we didn't know about it?” questioned Storment.

Generators are working hard from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. keeping the marijuana plants alive.

Storment’s also afraid carbon monoxide from the generators are polluting the air her family breathes. She has a carbon monoxide monitor in her baby’s bedroom.

“If they want to smoke marijuana, I say they can smoke all they need to, but it should not infringe on our safety and our health,” Storment said.

She's worried her neighbors aren't following the guidelines to grow pot on their property.

“If they are going to give out caregiver cards, they need to come and inspect,” Storment demanded.

Off-camera, the neighbor told us he’s having issues turning the power on because of permit problems, and he's not doing anything to harm his neighbors.

The Arizona Department of Health Services issues the medical marijuana cards.

An ADHS spokesperson told 3TV there is nothing set up at the state level to inspect home growers. 

The law didn't provide for that.

We’re told that’s the job of the police department and code enforcement.

Sgt. Bill Balafas with the Gilbert Police Department said this is a complex situation.

Balafas also told us this home has had complaints in the past but as of now it has no current violations.