Phoenix weather: No rain this week ... probably

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PHOENIX -- A pretty quiet monsoon week is setting up for Arizona. We're looking at isolated, mainly afternoon storms in the mountains of our states while the deserts are going to stay pretty dry.

Here in the Valley, we don't expect any record temps, but it's going to be unseasonably hot for this time of year with highs in the range of 104 to 108 for the rest of the week. At this point, none of our forecast models are giving us any chance for rain. That could change. It is the monsoon. But right now we're not seeing any signs of that.

So far in Monsoon 2012, we've had 2.41 inches of rain at Sky Harbor International Airport. That's 89 percent of what we get in an average monsoon and we still have five weeks to go until the end of September. To have a monsoon with above average rainfall would go against the recent trend. In eight of the last 10 years, monsoon rains have been below average in Phoenix.

Metro Phoenix was under an Ozone Health Watch for Monday as levels of ozone were expected to approach unhealthy ranges. While we may have to deal with some ozone issues later in the week, Tuesday and Wednesday the ozone levels are forecast to come down a bit. Those forecasts are made by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

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