Valley woman at odds with UPS

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PHOENIX -- Kathy Dubs has an interesting job. Basically, she dabbles with people's stuff.

"We come into people's homes and sell the contents of their home," Dubs said.

Dubs organizes estate sales and she and her crew stumble across some cool stuff to sell for her clients. Some items, she says, she wishes she didn't find.

"Yeah, in January, we had a live hand grenade that we had to call the bomb squad for, so that was interesting," Dubs said.

While cleaning out a house three months ago, Dubs came across a miniature stove in perfect condition. It's cast iron and was carried by door-to-door salesmen years ago so they wouldn't have to lug around a life-size stove. Turns out, it's highly collectible.

"So, you never know what you're going to find," Dubs said. "It's a very interesting job."

Dubs put the stove on eBay and sold it for $1,100 to an out-of-state buyer. She packaged it up and took it to a UPS store where she paid for shipping and also paid for insurance.

"And we sliced it open, took a look and he said, 'Wow, what a great job you did packing,' and I was all proud," Dubs said.

However, when UPS delivered the box, it was pretty beat up. In fact, the buyer took photos not knowing what he was going to find and what he found was an $1,100 stove that was in pieces.

Dubs reimbursed the buyer his full purchase price thinking the UPS insurance she bought would reimburse her. However, UPS said, "We're not paying."

"They said no, the claim is being denied because they said my packing wasn't adequate," Dubs recalled.

3 On Your Side got involved and asked UPS to investigate the matter for us to make sure the right decision was reached.

But before the giant corporation could decide what they wanted to do, The owners of the UPS Store off of 16th Street and Glendale in Phoenix where Dubs mailed the package from stepped up in a big way.

The indepent owners of the franchise store got out their checkbook and paid for Dubs' loss out of their own pocket.

Vick Lowery is with the store and says it was just right thing to do.

Lowery tells 3 On Your Side, "Well the package was damaged in shipping and it wasn't Dubs fault and it wasn't our fault. But, no one was taking care of the problem so we just decided to pay."

And with that, Dubs was given a check for around $1,100 reimbursing her for everything she was out.

Dubs says she couldn't be happier. "I love 3 On Your Side. Thank you so much. I don't what we would do without you. So, we are very grateful."

But as far as 3 On Your Side is concerned, it's the owners of the small UPS store that needs to be thanked.  They didn't have to come up with the money, but they did and 3 On Your Side appreciates that.