Sassy fashions for moms-to-be and news moms

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M2 Loungewear
M2 Loungewear says out with the boring and in with sexy-stylish loungewear for the modern mom that will take a mom from pregnancy through post-pregnancy and beyond. The M2 is a line of contemporary loungewear  that was designed by Jaymie Gomez, after she struggled to find comfortable and functional clothes with a contemporary, curve hugging, non-matronly style. Jaymie met Jennifer at Jennifer's Southern California store, Milkalicious during a private lactation appointment.

Being in public with baby and wanting modesty. Two pretty button clips with a stylish piece of fabric in between them and you throw it in your purse! Don't want to just yank the shirt up?...just take baby's blanket and it attaches the blanket to cover you. latchOn® was designed by two stay-at-home moms.

Bamboobies are Bamboo, organic cotton and hemp and shaped into a super soft heart and they can go in a bra. Washable and a huge step up from paper ones that were created years ago.

Undercover Mama
What you can wear as she feeds baby. It has a long length, top-quality fabric and is a stylish strapless camisole that attaches to a nursing bra. Comes in hot pink, grey, black, nude and white.