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Can just a 12-week training program help lead you to a $50,000-a-year job?

The folks at Rockit Boot Camp say it's possible! And that's good news, especially in this tough job market.

Rockit Boot Camp, offered at Western International University in Tempe, is an immersive web development training program that helps adult learners become qualified web developers in just 12 weeks.

You don't have to be a computer whiz to get something out of the program. “This program is for anyone. Anyone who has a desire to learn about technology, this program is for them,” says Keith Konetzni with the Apollo Group. “We can teach anyone to learn how to program.”

The web development boot camp is a full-time program, focused on building hands-on skills using real world examples and projects. Rockit teaches the skills someone would need to be successful as an entry level web development professional. Students start coding on the first day!

Rockit was founded in early 2014 in response to skills "gaps" in the job market. Employers required skills that job candidates did not have, and many jobs were going unfilled. At the same time, many candidates were not getting the jobs they wanted.

The founders believe that boot camps – intense, focused and cost effective – are the future of education. The teachers are all industry professionals passionate about teaching. Their main mission is to help people begin, change or upgrade their career.

The program costs about $8,000, but it could pay off. “We've had 26 graduates come through the program, of which 23 got jobs right away,” says Konetzni. "On average, they're getting paid $15,000 more in their new career.”


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