College degrees that pay the most

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PHOENIX -- With tuition prices soaring and student debt at an all-time high, many college students are looking for careers with a big paycheck right after graduation.

The College Majors Handbook, a published study led by Drexel University researchers, says it helps if you’ve got a nose for numbers.

Math and science related majors have the highest average salaries for people straight out of school.

Pre-med grads topped the list, with median pay of $100,000.

That’s versus median pay of $54,000 for all majors with a full-time job in 2010.

Engineering, pharmacy, and computer science grads also pulled in paychecks that were significantly higher.

So what if you’re not a math and science kind of student?

The College Majors Handbook says salary isn’t the only payoff.

History majors -- who make well less than the median number -- report having higher job satisfaction than most other graduates.

The same is true for many liberal arts degrees, like English.

And regardless of concentration, the average employee with a Bachelor’s degree earned 80 percent more than someone with a high school diploma.

From med school to liberal arts school, consider it a good investment.