Maricopa city council member calls for fellow council member to resign

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

MARICOPA, Ariz. -- This story could make you think twice about what you say to coworkers.

A Maricopa city council member is calling on another council member to resign.

"Lets be honest he gives me the creeps. He’s just a very intimidating guy," said council woman Julia Gusse.

Gusse isn’t happy with recent findings into another council member's behavior on the job.

"He was very on the line of not being criminal and that’s why he feels he did nothing wrong because it wasn’t criminal but at the same time, he still did what he did and it was inappropriate," said Gusse.

Alan Marchione was accused of having numerous inappropriate sexual conversations with co-workers and also creating a hostile work environment.

In May, city manager Brenda Fischer called for an investigation.

Fischer claimed Marchione talked about his sex life including a “detailed discussion about his condom coming off during sex and his fear that he impregnated the woman; although he went on to state that he didn’t think he got any (sperm) in her.”

"Just because he didn’t grope anyone and didn’t physically do anything doesn’t mean it wasn’t harassment," said Gusse.

Marchione was not available to speak  on-camera on Saturday.

Over the phone the council member told 3TV he considered Fischer a friend. Someone he could confide in.

He did say he regrets the sexual conversations and said, “I’m looking for the city to move beyond this misunderstanding and continue moving forward.”

He plans on using this investigation as a learning experience. Gusse is calling on Marchione to resign.

"I do believe that he is an embarrassment to the city at this point. He must step down," said Gusse.

Marchione said he's not resigning.

Gusse said she's heard her constituents talk about a recall an she's filed her own investigation into intimidation by the council man.

Marcione said Gusse’s investigation "is nothing more than a political attack against him."