Woman discusses why she protested removal of neighbor's tree

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Scottsdale resident Tannis Revell is a woman who loves trees, loves nature and loves meditating in the backyard of the large and historic old home that she leases with her daughter near Hayden and Chaparral.

Over the back wall behind Tannis' acre-sized property sits the home of her neighbor, Jeanette Billings.

Jeanette is a mother of four and grandmother of a two-year-old granddaughter. In Jeanette's backyard a giant eucalyptus tree stood towering over the landscape, its massive trunk so large that it had started to push through the back gate on to Tannis' leased property.

"We love that tree. That tree is part of our lives," Revell said.

One day after she staged an impassioned one-woman protest to save the tree, Revell was arrested by Scottsdale police, carted off in handcuffs and the towering Eucalyptus was cut down.

Billings said she decided to have the tree removed after three arborists told her the eucalyptus had been damaged by lightening and weather and could possibly fall on her home.

"Those branches have been falling and they are heavy enough to kill a two-year-old granddaughter," Billings said.

The tree is now gone and Revell now faces disorderly conduct and failure to obey charges after trying to climb up into the tree yesterday as a crew was preparing for its removal.