Man caught on tape stealing thousands of dollars of designer sun glasses in Phoenix

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PHOENIX -- A man has been caught on camera stealing several designer eye glasses from a display case at Accent Eye Care in Phoenix.

The man stole a few thousand dollars worth of expensive Tiffany frames on Tuesday.

“We all work really hard to take care of our staff and our families and I think times like this it's heartbreaking to be in a situation that takes advantage of your kindness,” said optometrist and owner, Aleta Gong.

When the man walked into the store, employee Tiffany Canning, also seen in the surveillance video, was there to help him.

“I wasn't really thinking that it was anything out of the norm.  We have a lot of patients waiting for their families. So I didn't think a big thing of it,” said Canning.

The man told Canning he wasn't ready to try on glasses until his family arrived.

Canning then went to lunch and left the man alone in the display area.

Other employees were in the building at the time.

When Canning got back, four very expensive sunglasses were missing.

The glasses range in price from $200 to $600.

While the man had his eye on the frames, the eye in the sky was on him.

Canning’s co-workers watched the surveillance tape and told her what they saw.

“They were like ‘Yeah you can see it on the tape, yeah he took everything.’  I’m like ‘Really? Cause I saw nothing.’  Me personally it made me sick to my stomach,” said Canning.

The owner of the store now plans on adding sensors on the frames.

“We have so many patients here. We've been here 12 years. They are like family.  It's kind of a shame we had to go to that. I mean, it's just something we didn't want to do, but we're probably going to have to go that route,” said Gong.

Gong filed a report with the Phoenix Police Department.

The optometrist said consumers should ask for the Tiffany certificate of authenticity when they purchase frames.

The man got away without the cases, or certificates.

The man on the surveillance tape had tattoos on both his legs and arms, neck and on his face.

He also had a patch of hair on his chin and ear plugs in his ears.