Test your lung health for free Friday

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PHOENIX -- It's not all that long ago that people with asthma and or other lung issues were urged to move to Arizona for its air. We have more pollution now and that can wreak havoc on your lungs.

Even if you don't suffer from pulmonary problems, do you know how "old" your lungs are? A simple test can answer that question and give you a good idea about how effectively your lung are working.

Dr. Barbara Phillips from the American College of Chest Physician explained what the test is and how it works and then she put Kaley O'Kelley's lungs to the test.

Watch the video above to see how O'Kelley did.

The Phoenix Lung Health Day Event, hosted at Pro's Ranch Market downtown at 1602 E. Roosevelt on Aug. 24, noon-4 p.m., will provide free COPD screenings, including spirometry tests and lung health consultations, with hopes of reaching the estimated 12 million Americans with COPD who remain undiagnosed. 

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