Gas prices continue to climb

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Gas prices across the state of Arizona continue to climb.

The statewide average increased by 8.4 cents this week to $3.498 per gallon. Across the country gas prices increased 0.8 cents to $3.718 

Gas prices have been increasing the entire month of August. The average in Arizona has risen by 20 cents, while the national average has increased by 24 cents.

Tucson’s average gas price of $3.414 per gallon is the lowest in the state, while Flagstaff’s $3.647 is the highest. At $3.447 per gallon, South Carolina has the lowest average gas price in the country. California is the highest at $4.120.

But the increase in gas prices doesn’t appear to be ruining Arizonans' Labor Day travel plans. AAA Arizona expects 564,000 Arizona residents to hit the road during the holiday.

“Despite the recent price climb, Labor Day road trips among Arizonans are up 3.6 percent over last year,” said Linda Gorman, director of communications and public affairs for AAA Arizona. “AAA maintains that, given current conditions, pump prices will settle down as the busy summer driving season draws to a close and the switch-over from summer to winter-blend gasoline begins to take place.”