Schweikert loans campaign $130K in last week of GOP primary

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By Laura Segall By Laura Segall

PHOENIX -- Congressman David Schweikert loaned his campaign a big chunk of money this week despite claiming that recent polls had him easily defeating Congressman Ben Quayle in next week's GOP primary.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Schweikert dropped $130,000 into his campaign on Wednesday. It's unknown what the money is being used for as officials with Schweikert's campaign did not immediately return phone calls.

Schweikert had been touting polls that showed him beating Quayle by double digits. One survey had him up by 16 points, which led him to tell a Washington D.C. based newspaper, Roll Call, "everything is going according to how we planned to tell our story."

Officials with Quayle's campaign said the loan shows the race is a lot closer than what Schweikert has been saying. Jay Heiler, Quayle's spokesman, says Schweikert can't be trusted to tell the truth and has been intentionally spreading inaccurate polling information.

"What Mr. Schweikert says bears no relation to what he does," Heiler said Thursday. "There is a familiar term for what he does. It's called lying."

The two Republican congressmen are fighting for their party's nomination in Arizona's new 6th Congressional District.

Both Schweikert and Quayle were elected in separate districts two years ago. But after the state redrew it congressional boundaries this year, Quayle moved to challenge Schweikert in a more Republican friendly district.