Tampa strip clubs gearing up for RNC

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TAMPA, Florida -- Tampa is getting ready to welcome the Grand Old Party for the Republican National Convention.

The city expects to cash in on all of its attractions, especially the adult-oriented nightlife.

The waitresses are in red, white and blue. So is the vodka bottle. Here at the Dollhouse in Tampa, they've spruced the place up, even put in a massive video wall. They're bringing in a Sarah Palin look-a-like too. 

There's an excitement in the air like going to the polls on election day. But going to the poles has a different meaning here.                                                                   

"You know, I've been in this business thirty years, and I'm telling you, I get goose bumps. I've got them right now, just thinking about this," said nightclub owner Warren Colazzo. "To answer your question, I've never been so excited in all my life. I can't wait for it."                                 

An informal survey by the Association of Club Executives found that during their conventions in Minnesota and New York, Republicans spent $150 per person at adult clubs. The Democrats, only spent $50 per person in Boston and Denver.

For the most part, the city tolerates the clubs, but won't let them cross the line. Police have already raided a few, and charged 16 women with prostitution. Mayor Bob Buckhorn says the clubs are the least of his worries.