Tests reveal Johnson Utilities drinking water doesn't contain E. coli

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. -- Residents of the San Tan Valley no longer have to worry about consuming contaminated water.

Johnson Utilities announced on Thursday that their water supply system doesn’t contain any harmful bacteria.

Earlier this week, Johnson Utilities’ customers were warned of a suspected problem with their drinking water after a sample suggested that traces of E. coli might be present.

Johnson Utilities sent water samples to two state-certified laboratories to be retested, which is when they learned that the water is not contaminated.

Johnson Utilities has lifted their “Drinking Water Warning,” which advised customers to boil their water before using.

Johnson Utilities apologizes for any trouble caused.

They explain that while water can sometimes become contaminated, the false positive tests were likely caused by sampling errors or cross-contamination at the laboratory.

Johnson Utilities said they will exceed the required testing frequencies established by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to make sure that they provide safe and reliable drinking water to their customers.