PV murder suspect Michael Crane lashes out in heated court appearance

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Murder suspect Michael Lee Crane launched a slew of complaints in Superior Court at his arraignment Thursday morning.

“I’m not here to enter a plea,” said Crane, “I’m here to challenge subject matter jurisdiction. I’m a natural living man. I’m a sovereign. I’m a non-entity and your rules, regulations, procedures and codes don’t apply to me.”

Crane was previously charged with robbing, murdering, and burning Paradise Valley couple Lawrence and Glenna Shapiro, and murdering cigar salesman Bruce Gaudet during a crime spree in January.

Wednesday, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery announced nine new unrelated felony charges stemming from a burglary and armed robbery.  The new charges include burglary, theft, misconduct involving weapons, attempted second degree murder, armed robbery.

Crane was arraigned on those charges Thursday morning, and repeatedly interrupted Court Commissioner Brian Rees with complaints about his court-appointed attorneys, the spelling of his name on court documents, and the jurisdiction of the court.

At one point, Crane told Commissioner Rees, “You are hear-by fired without prejudice or recourse under color of law,” to which Rees replied, “That’s just nonsense.”

At another point, Crane repeatedly interrupted Commissioner Rees with a drawn-out explanation of the tenants of contract law, as Crane tried to explain why he should be able to represent himself in court.

Crane may eventually be able to act as his own attorney, but that determination will not be made until at least September 19, when Crane is scheduled for a status conference. That is Crane’s next scheduled court appearance.