Personnel record for sex scandal police officer released, new charge from county attorney

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Representatives from the City of Phoenix and the Phoenix Police Department have released the personnel file for former officer Christopher J. Wilson. 

Wilson resigned earlier this month amid allegations of sexual contact with two teenage boys, aged 17 and 14.
This comes the same day that Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery announced a new charge against Wilson related to the case.
“That additional count was another sexual contact with a minor charge, a class 6 felony involving the older victim,” said Montgomery.
In total, Wilson now faces six class 6 felony charges of sexual conduct with a minor, four class 2 felony charges of sexual conduct with a minor, and one charge of a dangerous crime against a minor.
Prior to this incident, Wilson’s police record, spanning 13 years, was nearly flawless.
He received numerous stellar performance reviews, multiple commendations for his service to the community, and even a medal of valor for running into a burning house to check if anyone was inside.
The record also reflects excellent performance by Wilson in his work as a liaison to the LGBT community. Also mentioned in the record is a commendation for Wilson’s involvement with children at Kyrene De La Colina Elementary School.
There are two potential red flags in Wilson’s record. In 2001 there is a serious infraction for Wilson’s failure to process a traffic citation he had issued. In 2002, Wilson was reprimanded for missing a court appearance for a criminal traffic case, in violation of department policy.
Wilson also appears on the Brady list, a list that keeps track of officers who have questions surrounding their honor, integrity, and credibility as witnesses at trial. His personnel file does not indicate which incident landed him on the list.
“This particular case, without knowing why the former officer was put on the Brady list, I couldn’t speak to it,” said Montgomery.
A spokesperson for the Phoenix Police Department declined to comment on the contents of the personnel file.
Wilson is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow, August 23.