Cleanup continues following microburst in Mesa

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

MESA, Ariz. -- Billie Gardiner says Monday night she was terrified when a microburst with hard rain and wind tore part of the roof off of her Mesa home along with much of her carport. Now, she's just plain angry because dealing with the mess is going to be, in her words, a darn nuisance. And besides, today is Gardiner's birthday, and it's not how she planned to spend her special day.

Much of what Gardiner's home lost in the big wind ended up piled high on her neighbor's home.  Today crews from Ryse Construction worked to remove debris from both homes and seal them with thick plastic as more rain is forecast for tonight.

Ron Burleson of Ryse said getting electric power back on in both homes is a priority and making sure the structures are safe. Hauling away parts of awnings and roof is also being done in an attempt to clear neighborhood streets from storm damage.

Carolee Jackson, who lives across the street from Gardiner, said it was shocking to see roofs being torn off and furniture being blown down the street. She said while she's heard about microbursts before, she never expected to see one hit her neighborhood.

About a mile to the south of the damaged homes, much of the Superstition Springs Golf Club's 18-hole course was underwater from the heavy rains. Manager Seth Tucker said at least eight large trees were toppled by heavy winds, closing the course for today and reopening only nine holes Wednesday.