Scott Pasmore takes the new Camaro ZL1, and Stella Inger, for a spin

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PHOENIX -- The new Camaro ZL1 has 580 horses under the hood. Need we say more? 

AAA's Jim Preuter brought the shiny red -- and red-hot -- Camaro down to the 3TV studios Monday morning for "Good Morning! Arizona." 

It is the most powerful Camaro ever to hit the streets.  It not only has 580HP, but also 566 lb-ft of torque.  Most car magazines and enthusiasts are comparing the Camaro to the new Ford Mustang Shelby GT, which boasts 662HP.

The Camaro has a list price of  around $60,000 depending on the options.

Like I did with the Shelby, I put the pedal to the metal for some donuts in the 3TV parking lot. This time, though, Stella Inger was in the passenger seat and her cellphone camera was rolling.

Video from outside is above. Stella's video from inside is below.

Stella told Johnjay and Rich of 104.7 KISS-FM that she was holding on so tight her hand still hurt several minutes later. Now that's a sign of a great ride. Don't you think?