Honeywell bringing new radar to planes

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- A new technology is allowing pilots to better deal with weather.

Many planes today have Doppler radar, but Honeywell is working on a new system that will provide a much more detailed picture of the weather in a plane’s flight path.

“It displays a whole three dimensional picture of the weather that’s out in front of the airplane for 320 miles,” said pilot Joe Duval.

Honeywell’s new Doppler technology reads the weather and is able to predict what conditions a pilot might face.

Pilots are able to tell at what altitude a storm is most intense, allowing them to fly below or above the weather and reach their destination quicker.

“The old radar didn’t have as much definition so you had to fly around it, the new radar with more definition you can pick a path through it,” said flight engineer Mark Pickett.