Family burglarized, believes thieves targeting neighborhood

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

LAVEEN, Ariz. -- At Felicia Taylor’s home in Laveen, in south Phoenix, a gun greets you at the front door.

The gun showed up when the signs of security around her gated community let Taylor down.

“When I entered my front entrance, I immediately noticed the closet.  The closet was open with stuff rambled everywhere,” said Taylor.

While Taylor and her family were out of town in June, Taylor said a burglar broke into her sliding glass door.

She called the Phoenix Police Department.

“So my kids started rushing upstairs checking their rooms and looking around.  All of their X-Boxes were gone.  The mini chopper and Harley Davidson was gone," said Taylor.

The mother gave a list of missing stuff to police.

She says thousands of dollars worth of goods were stolen.

DVD’s, jewelry, and an X-Box were found in the neighborhood. 

Talyor showed the police officer where the crook broke in, the sliding glass door.

“The officer did warn me and say yes there have been incidents lately, burglaries going on this specific community and also in neighborhoods and other communities throughout Laveen,” said Taylor.

To warn her neighbors, she wrote a flyer to pass around to homeowners.

A member of the block watch says she hasn't heard about a rash of robberies.

“Not anymore so than any other place,” said Joan Brosius.

With no renters insurance, Taylor is out of luck replacing her stuff.

“It really hurt me, not about the stuff but to have me and my family violated,” said Taylor.

A spokesperson with the Phoenix Police Department told 3TV on Friday night he was not aware of a rash of burglaries in south Phoenix, near Laveen.

However, the spokesperson said he wasn’t able to pull actual numbers until Monday.