Former employee robs Gilbert Port of Subs

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

GILBERT, Ariz. -- On Thursday, Albert James Clark was an alleged criminal in a mugshot. Wednesday night, he was just an old co-worker of 18-year-old Paul Cappello. Paul was working Wednesday night at Port of Subs when Clark called in an order. He showed up just as some of the last customers were leaving.

"He waited for them to leave, I guess, then he came in and it didn't occur to me what was happening until he asked for $15. I was like oh, OK," Paul said.

He didn't expect Clark to try and rob the guys at his old job, but police say that's what happened. And Clark was serious.

"He didn't come at me us with force, but he was just like, 'Hey, I have a knife and I'll use it if I have to,'" Paul said.

So he and the other guy working that night, Higley High student Dash Sandecki, agreed to play along with Clark's demands. He asked them to close the store and take him on an errand.

"We agreed to drive him around town," Paul said. "I guess we wanted to go get some spice from some smoke shops."

But it was late, and the smoke shops were closed. So the trio ended up at a Circle K convenience store and that's when Paul's friend Dash -- a high school football player-- made his move.

"He was walking in front of us and Dash ended up getting him in a pretty good choke hold," Paul said.

Paul called police and they took Clark to jail. Paul said at work Thursday he kept playing it back in his mind, and said he feels like he did the right thing.

"I didn't know if he had any other weapons, or anything on him, so I was just playing it safe, looking out for me and my co-worker Dash," he said.

Clark was booked on charges of kidnapping and armed robbery.