Arizona 7th in the nation for job growth

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Arizona's job market continues to make some big strides, as it's one of the best states in the nation for job growth.

According to a recent jobs report, Arizona is ranked 7th behind California, Texas, New York, Ohio, Florida and New Jersey -- adding 58,000 non-farm jobs in the last year.

"Health care continues to be a stalworth and continues to be strong, private education is strong, some professional services, some manufacturing is seeing pretty good growth," said Dennis Hoffman, Professor of Economics at ASU.

But part of the reason, according to Hoffman, is Arizona took a deeper economic dive compared to other states, so the only place to go is up.

And lines at Valley career fairs are still sizeable, about 500 people waited in line at a Phoenix Marriott Thursday morning for 47 positions that needed to be filled.

"It's been really tough, just this last week my house was foreclosed on so while I'm here at the job fair today, I'm also in the process of getting everything packed up and moved," said Donna McKinney, who's been out of work for several years and has put in a few hundred applications and resumes.

"I've noticed there's a lot of health care jobs but health care it's 'make $10 an hour,' I can't live on that," said McKinney, who after being laid off from her job at a pharmaceutical company now works at Target part-time.

Hoffman said it's normal that the jobs that are added now are part-time, temporary or on a contract basis.

And the outlook should continue to improve, keeping Arizona at the top of the growth-list.