Drivers ticketed by red light camera in Mesa at confusing intersection

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

MESA, Ariz. -- You know that feeling you get when you drive through an intersection with a red light camera?

You might have felt anxiety, hesitation, and if the light flashes, anger.

Debbie Davis knows these emotions well.

“On June 18 and 19 I had a camera go off on me,” said Davis. "That's two red light tickets in one week, a $440.00 fine."

She’s not alone.  

A spokesperson with the Mesa Police Department told us 3,500 drivers each year get ticketed at Southern and Dobson.

Davis thought she was in the safety zone when she cruised through the intersection this past June.

But she learned differently in court.

“I just think that people need to be aware that supposedly there is a different kind of intersection here where they have a demarcation line.  It doesn't seem fair to me,” said Davis.

This intersection near Mesa Community College and Banner Medical Center is one of the busiest in the city.

Approximately 26,000,000 drivers pass through this intersection yearly.

It is a little different because of foot traffic.

Detective Steve Berry with the Mesa Police Department showed 3TV what's causing some of the confusion.

“Most folks see these crosswalk lines and assume that's the intersection.  That is not the intersection. That's the crosswalk,” said Berry.
There is a small hatched line in front of the crosswalk.

Anything in front of this line is the intersection.

“You would have to be beyond that mark when the light turns from yellow to red.  On or beyond that line to not activate the red light camera,” stated Berry.

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