Victims react to guilty verdict for truck driver in 2010 fatal motorcycle crash

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The victims of the 2010 dump truck crash on the Carefree Highway and their families have hugged countless times before. But Wednesday's embraces meant more - knowing a jury found Michael Jakscht guilty of killing four and hurting five others.

"It made me happy. It helped a lot of people in the trial, a whole lot of people who lost loved ones," said  Phoenix Fire captain Ernie Lizarraga was nearly killed in the crash. He and his wife Lorri say this is the verdict they hoped for, unlike the ending of Jakscht's last trial.

"Having a hung jury and having nine jury not see what everyone else saw, it was surreal, so this was fantastic to  finally get what's been coming to him," said Lorri Lizarraga.

Clyde Nachand was one of those killed. His daughter says she feels relieved no one will suffer like her Dad did.

"If he could have been acquitted, he would have re-offended and it would have put everybody that lives in Phoenix [at risk] because he's a truck driver, he could have gotten a job tomorrow," she said.

The victim's emotion was a clear contrast to Jakscht's stoic appearance in court.

"He showed absolutely zero remorse, zero. It's like he doesn't think any of this has anything to do with him," said Lorri Lizarraga.

And as for what the families of the victims want for Jakscht - they don't mince words.

"When I see him going to prison, in shackles, then it's over," said Lizarraga. "Then I'm done."