Family of murder suspect says they're not shocked by the allegations

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

ANTHEM, Ariz. -- The family of a suspect accused of running over and killing another man says they thought the alleged act was inevitable.

Anthony Parrinello, 31, is charged with the second-degree murder of Carmelo D'Alessandro, 42.

Police said the men started arguing at their kids' school on Monday morning, and agreed to fight at a nearby Walmart.

Officials said D'Alessandro decided instead to walk back to his Anthem home and Parrinello went after him - running him over.

D'Alessandro was discovered by a passerby and died at the hospital.

"I was waiting for, to hear something like this," said Jennifer Vetrano, who was married to the suspect for two years.

They have one daughter together but Vetrano says she moved to Texas to get away from Parrinello.

"He was very abusive, verbally, physically, manipulative," Vetrano explained.

And a bully, according to the suspect's current brother-in-law.

Scott Anglin said back in October a family fight left him with a black eye.

It started when the suspect allegedly woke his step-daughter to do the dishes and when they disagreed, Parrinello called the family to come and pick her up.

And then it got ugly.

"Chest bumping my mother to a wall to where she hit her head and fell down, so I jumped on him to get him off my mother, because he was going to kick her," said Anglin.

Pictures show Anglin and his father with black eyes, and a police report shows the arresting officer recommended charges of aggravated assault, which were dropped.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office said the charges were turned down because there was no likelihood of conviction.

But Vetrano says the law eventually caught up with her ex.

"I really feel really bad about the victim's family and it took someone dying in order for someone to do something about Tony," said Vetrano.

The county attorney's office said it's reviewing the current case and may bump up murder charges from second to first degree.