Company claiming to recycle dumps dozens of mattresses at local landfill

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Dozens of white mattresses wrapped in plastic bags are dumped at a valley landfill in Glendale.

A Valley man dropping off construction materials spotted the pillow top mattresses on Tuesday.

Gary Stahl photographed the mattresses that he described as so clean he would sleep on them.

“I was just offended. I’m thinking so many people are hurting now. Why are they dumping these things so that a Caterpillar tractor can just shred em’ and put them in a land fill,” questioned Stahl.

Stahl’s not impressed with the company claiming to 'make the world's best mattress', Serta.

These mattresses took the former police officer back to his days on the beat.

“I've been in homes where kids were sleeping on floors and just blankets.  And if they did have a mattress it was so nasty you probably didn't want your dogs to sleep on it,” said Stahl.

From the dump site 3TV spotted a Serta plant also in Glendale.

Via email, a spokesperson with Serta told 3TV these mattresses were returned by customers.

The company does not donate these mattresses for sanitary reasons.

On Serta’s website it says “All remnant scrap of ticking, foam, wood, steel and plastic is recycled.”

The company dedicated a whole page on their website to their ecofriendly practices.

Stahl didn’t see the company practicing what they preach.

Here is the statement 3TV received from Serta:

“Serta is committed to product quality and customer satisfaction.  As such, we only sell mattresses that have passed our rigorous quality control standards.  The mattresses in this situation were customer returns, and therefore the sanitary condition was compromised.  It is Serta’s standard protocol to dispose of unsanitary used mattresses. 

Studies have shown that unsanitary mattresses pose a health threat to those who handle or receive the product.  Therefore, we do not donate unsanitary used mattresses. 

Serta is currently working independently and in partnership with the International Sleep Products Association to find an alternate solution to this process that involves recycling,” said  Al Klancnik, Group VP at Serta.