Meghan McCain on smoking pot and strippers

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PHOENIX -- Meghan McCain has taken some heat over the title of her new book, "America, You Sexy Bitch."

"We were taking a tour of the Capitol and looking at Lady Freedom," McCain explains, "and the tour guide was like, if you notice her face faces east because the sun never sets on freedom and I said that’s because America is a sexy bitch."

Her dad, Sen. John McCain, hated it.   

"The biggest fight we’ve ever gotten into in my entire adult life was over the title of this book," Meghan McCain said.

But in the end, she said her dad was supportive of her decision.

McCain calls the book a social experiment. She teamed up with liberal comedian, Michael Ian Black, to drive cross country in an RV talking to Americans and trying to break through political stereotypes.

We sat down with McCain when she stopped in Phoenix for her book tour.

"I felt like Michael really impacted my perspective on how I was stereotyping people and stereotyping liberals," McCain said. "Americans are really a lot more in the middle and a lot more rational than the media gives them credit for."

She traveled extensively with her parents on her dad's presidential campaign.

But, McCain said this trip was different.

She's all grown up, unfiltered and unscripted.

Very little is off limits in this book.

As part of their journey, McCain and Black went to Las Vegas and visited a strip club. After all, McCain said, the purpose of the trip was to discover different parts of America that they wouldn't normally experience.

McCain told us this was all part of their social experiment.

Along the way they talked with hundreds of people about their lives and their politics.

The 27-year-old calls herself a "big tent" Republican who wants to see her party become more inclusive. Some have called her a "RINO."

"I hate the term RINO," McCain said. For those who don't know, that means Republican In Name Only.

"I think it's an easy way to belittle a younger generation of Republicans. I am a big gay marriage supporter, which doesn't make me less Republican, it just makes my social views less conservative."

McCain also believes in legalizing marijuana and, in the book, she talks openly about smoking pot.

Again, Sen. McCain was not amused.

But Meghan McCain said her dad respects her point of view and her right to speak her mind -- which she does. Often.

"I'm for legalization of marijuana," she said. "I think Arizonans have the right to decide what they want to do in this state and they don't have to have the federal government's permission.

“That will probably be a little scandalous," she continued, "but I think Arizonans know how to govern themselves and know what's good for the state."

Saying something scandalous is nothing new for Meghan McCain. But she’s not apologizing.