Paul Ryan becomes a household name

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He's the 42 year old congressman from Wisconsin...
Until Friday - Paul Ryan was best known as a strong conservative and chair of the house budget committee.
Now, he's up for Vice President.
"I've heard of him"
"I say Paul Ryan, who's that guy?"
"Do you know who that is? No I do not."
Not necessarily a household name...Yet.
Still for republicans, Romney's selection makes quite a statement.
Right now, the Republican party needs credibility, we have been cast in a negative light ever since Obama became president and so we need to so we can put a pencil to paper we can figure out the budget and who better than Paul Ryan.
In his 7 terms, ryan has left no doubt where he stands when it comes to the economy.
His budget proposal, dubbed the path to prosperity outlined drastic cuts in government spending.
He has successfully solidified the focus of this race to the economy and let's see what the Obama campaign has to say about that.
We settled for Andy Brown, chair of the Travis County Democratic party.
I think it's a desperate move by Romney
It's a move Brown says will play to the Democrats advantage.
Some of Ryan's ideas, including an overhaul of medicare have already drawn criticism, sometimes from members of his own party.
It allows Obama and Biden to seek out the middle and seek out the moderate voters whereas the Ryan ticket has taken up with the tea party, he's taken up with the most extreme elements of the Republican party.
It's a stance that's worked well in the primaries...
Set to be tested for the presidency come November.