3 Mountain rescues, all around the same time

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- There were three mountain rescues that were all on Sunday and all around the same time.

“No matter how fit you are this is still a difficult rescue, still difficult to get up there,” said Phoenix fire fighter Maki Lloyd.

And it's been a busy day for Lloyd, who just helped a 17-year-old girl off Echo Mountain when 3TV caught up with him.

“She started up the mountains pretty early, but got hot and dehydrated on the way up, started feeling light headed and dizzy, blood pressure was starting to drop so they called us,” said Lloyd.

She had friends and she had water, although apparently it wasn’t enough.

“I think that's one of the things that people do is underestimate how hot it is and how much water they're going to need to go up the mountain,” commented Lloyd.

The other two mountain rescues were in north Phoenix and at Papago Park, where police believe alcohol or drugs caused a man there to get stuck and call for help.

“It's hot, you know we train for this and we're prepared, but getting up the mountain sometimes we get two to three of these a day in the summer and it's tough, we need to hydrate ourselves to maintain our fitness so we can get up there and help people,” said Lloyd.