Discrimination lawsuit against Napolitano says her office "humiliates" men

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Former Arizona Governor and current Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is facing a discrimination lawsuit from a high-ranking ICE agent.

James Hayes filed suit in federal court, accusing Napolitano of running an office full of cronyism, bullying, and sexism.  He specifically names two of Napolitano's longtime friends from Arizona, Suzanne Barr and Dora Schriro, in his suit.

Hayes' lawsuit claims men in the office are treated as "lapdogs," and often humiliated.  He says Napolitano, Barr, and Schriro have created a "frat house type atmosphere" and moved several of the male agents' offices into the men's bathroom at ICE headquarters to humiliate them.

Hayes accuses Barr of playing "sexually-charged games.'' As an example, he says Barr sent a sexual text message from a male agent's Blackberry to his supervisor.

In another part of his lawsuit, Hayes claims Napolitano brought Dora Schriro to Washington DC from Arizona to replace him. He calls her "unqualified," and alleges Schriro was only offered her federal position because of her "longtime relationship" with Napolitano.

Napolitano's spokesman told Forbes.com that the claims are unfounded.

Schriro served as Director of Arizona's Department of Corrections.  She helped facilitate the tip which led to the arrest of the "Baseline Killer."  She also instituted new policies designed to make the department run more efficiently.

Napolitano brought Schriro to DHS to overhaul the ICE detention system.  She has since moved to another position in New York City for family reasons.

Hayes is seeking $334,000 in damages and lost wages.