Transform your cabinets with new product

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

Cabinet Transformations by Rustoleum is a new, very cost-effective product that with some time and effort can transform and update your kitchen and vanity cabinets to a beautiful, professional finish with no sanding or priming.

It can also be applied to furniture and accessories. This material is applied with a paintbrush, but is so much more durable than a painted finish.

So, if you are looking for a new, fresh, updated look without the cost of new cabinets or refacing, this product is for you.


-Cabinet Transformations Kit (tinted at The Home Depot to desired color) *Kit includes: Deglosser, scrub pads, Bond Coat, Glaze, Protective Top Coat, Rags, Stir Sticks, instruction Pamplet and DVD.

-Blue Painters Tape

-Drop Cloth

-Lint free cloths

-2" or 2 1/2" angled Purdy paint brush or any very high quality paint brush


- Read Manufacturers Instructions and watch the Instructional DVD -measure cabinetry to determine how many kits are needed.

- Select color and have Bond coat quarts tinted at The Home Depot .begin preparation by removing all doors and drawer fronts from cabinet boxes and remove all hinges, knobs or pulls.

- Tape off any surrounding wall areas, appliances, countertops, etc.

- Apply a liberal amount of Deglosser to folded in half green scuff pad, applying pressure, apply Deglosser to cabinets boxes, frames, doors and drawer fronts. Let dry about an hour. This will break and scuff the existing finish instead of sanding and priming. (Not intended for interiors.)

- Apply first Bond Coat, let dry 1-2 hours.

- Apply second Bond Coat, let dry 1-2 hours.

- Apply Protective Top Coat, one coat only, brush on and move on, do not go over and over the same are, it will glop up.

- Let dry overnight

- Put on hardware then put doors and drawer fronts back onand enjoy!!

Hint: Place doors and drawer fronts on risers (wood, paint cans, etc.) this will make it much easier to do each step. Do all steps to the backs first then the fronts, this will minimize any damage, flaws or blemishes to the fronts.