Chandler boy's plan for his hair causes problem at school

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- A Chandler child’s pony tail is a labor of love for Locks Of Love, but it's now causing a problem during his first week at a new school.

The plan is to give Eric Wallin's hair away and make a wig for someone in need.

Eric’s twin sister Netayna, 11, thought it would be cool if her brother did this, because she noticed not a lot of boys are doing it.

“On the Internet we were looking at these pictures of kids. There's a lot of girls but only like one or two boys. I was happy that he was going to do it. I think that's awesome,” said Netayna.

As it turns out, boys aren't allowed to have long hair at Eric's public school in Chandler.

“It's like being even. Girls can usually grow their hair long. I think boys should be able to do it,” said Eric.

This week an Athlos school official told Cheri Wallin her son's hair has to go.

“They said, 'oh that's our policy.' I said 'I realize this, that's why I checked on this throughout the summer to make sure it was going to be ok,'” said Wallin.

Wallin said an administrator told her a few months back, Eric's hair would be no problem.

Bill Bressler, the Superintendent of the school, would not speak to 3TV on-camera.

Off-camera, Bressler told 3TV he doesn’t know who gave out false information to Eric's mother.

“It's kind of frustrating and I mostly feel sorry for Eric because he had this great plan in mind and he's been working so hard towards it,” said Wallin.

Eric needs at least 10 inches of hair to donate for a wig.

The child needs a few more months to reach his goal.

Netayna has her brother's back.

“He's been working on this for like two, two and half years. To have to cut his hair, that would be really sad because he's been working on this for a long time and he's really happy about it,” said Netayna.

Bressler said if Eric wants to keep his long hair he has to withdraw from the school.

To read the school's handbook about boy's hair log onto and scroll down to page 11-12: