Excessive heat means expensive power bills

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Along with the excessive heat comes excessive electric bills, and this time of year keeping your home cool accounts for up to 70 percent of your electric bill.
“I'm a native Phoenician I know about the weather,” said Judy Cooper. “But it's really, really hot right now.”
The Valley has seen record breaking heat that had SRP delivering a record amount of power to its Phoenix-area customers.
“It's the first time since 2006 we set a new peak for our system which is a testament to high daytime temperatures, high overnight temperatures, high humidity readings and continuing growth in our service territory,” said Jeff Lane with SRP.
This heat forces almost everyone to try to find ways to beat the heat without breaking the bank.
“I keep my A/C as high as I can at night honestly like 84,” said Cooper.
“I just turn my thermostat up during the day when I’m working and turn it down a degree or two at night,” said David Fesko.
According to APS, 70 percent of your monthly bill is your air conditioner.
“We tell customers remember one, two, three,” said Steven Gotfriend with APS. “That’s for every one degree you raise your thermostat you will save 2 to 3 percent on your power bill.”
But sometimes even that won't be enough and you might want to have a REEIS home performance audit.
“We specialize not only in preventing heat transfer from the building but making sure the A/C is delivering cooling capacity and making sure the A/C functions correctly,” said Todd Russo with REEIS while visiting a home with construction defects. “They will see significant savings in their energy bill and more importantly, feel a real comfort change in the temperature, each room will be cooler after these improvements.”