New Grocery Products

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Do you get as excited as I do when a new item pops up on a grocery shelf?  Maybe it’s because I cook so many meals at home that any possibility of a new twist on a meal excites me … or … maybe I need to get more of a life!

Either way, I love to try something new.  And it seems that in the grocery world this time of year, with back-to-school and the tease of summer’s demise, a lot of new items begin appearing on the shelves.

Here’s what I did:  I strolled my local grocery looking for anything marked new – especially taking notice of those end caps on aisles that often highlight what’s new.  Then I talked to the real pros – the insiders – the grocery clerks.  They kept me posted on what was new and what people were saying about the products.

Hey!  This takes research!  And a good dose of knowing my grocery clerks – thanks Cory and Joe at Safeway (Scottsdale and Shea).

I wanted to highlight new products that were readily available at a local supermarket – so I stuck with items on the shelves at my Safeway store.  And, these finalists all represent new products that might help with the time struggles that happen when school, homework and activities all make getting a meal on the table even more frustrating. 

Here they are:

Betty Crocker – Shake and Pour
Dunkin Hines – Frosting Creations
Simply Smart – Frozen Chicken
Kraft Fresh Takes (find it in the cheese aisle)
Noosa Yogurt
Got Milk sipping straws
Recipe Starters by Progresso (keep in mind this is what it says – a recipe starter – has potential but does require a number of added ingredients.)
Mission Tortillas Super Soft
Fold Its and Flat Out
IHOP pancake syrup
Tide Pods

I must say, I was surprised that I liked some of these so much.  Yes, they almost all represent “cooking cheats.”  But I’m not ashamed to admit that some days (most days!) I’ll take all the help I can get.

Live and Learn