Renters say they were wrongly billed

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Aimee Morrow likes to keep a clean house and even though she rents, she says she treats the home just like it's her own.

“We keep it clean. We make sure there's no damage. We make sure the yard's are clean. We respect this house as if it was going to be our own,” she said.

Prior to moving into their Phoenix rental home, Morrow and her family lived in an Avondale house that they rented for nearly two years.

“We decided to move out because my husband works downtown and from Avondale to downtown, it was a little bit of a trip for him,” she explained.

Before moving out of the Avondale home, Aimee and her husband say they cleaned it thoroughly.

They cleaned the carpets and took pictures, they say, to show it was in good shape.

They also took pictures of the outside of the home which, they say, illustrates the landscaping was well maintained.

“We did everything we could. Clean the windows, clean the window sills, clean the bathtubs, the showers,” Morrow said. “That house was spotless.”

But instead of getting their $350 cleaning deposit back, the couple got an invoice for $1,900 from Metropolitan Real Estate, the property management company.

“We could not believe it,” Morrow said.

The $1,900 bill includes $375 for carpet cleaning, $200 for house cleaning, $10 for air filters, $2.50 for light bulbs and $250 for removing junk and debris.

“We called the company,” Morrow said. “We asked them if we could see their pictures and we could see what they were talking about so we could understand where they were coming from and they said no, show us yours but we're not showing you anything on our half. We don't have to.”

3 On Your Side contacted Metropolitan Real Estate about that $1,900 bill and we were referred to the company’s attorney.

After looking into the matter at our request, we were told that Metropolitan Real Estate would waive the $1,900 in fees, but only if 3 On Your Side would not air our news report.

As a result, their attorney wrote us this email, saying Metropolitan Real Estate, "...agreed to waive their rights to proceed against these tenants to avoid the negative press. Obviously that will not happen client is no longer willing to reach an amicable resolution and will permit the legal system to determine the proper course of action.”