'WTF Are Men Thinking'

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PHOENIX -- Chris Brya and Miguel Almaraz are local business owners who have unexpectedly become relationship gurus.

Founders of a Scottsdale-based market research firm, Brya and Almaraz found out what makes guys tick by asking 250,000 men questions ranging from communication, sex, dating, romance and marriage. Their research scored them a book deal and is being published this October in "WTF Are Men Thinking" (Sourcebooks).

"You’ll move through the questions in categories, and we’ll start by tackling one of the big ones: communication. After that comes the dating chapter, which covers questions and mistakes that might happen before you are in a relationship. Following logically is the relationship chapter, in which we discuss the insights and nuances of being and managing a relationship with men. Romance is covered next, including how men feel about romance, what they think is romantic, and what they wished you knew about romance.

"Once romance has been discussed, the next step is sex, and we cover that topic head-on with a no-holds-barred approach that will probably be one of the biggest surprises in the book. Marriage is then discussed, and we reveal how men actually feel about being and staying married. We round out the data with our chapter on work and relating with and to men in the workplace.

"We finish with some final takeaways that men have for you, including what they say are the top mistakes that women make."

Visit the website at www.wtfarementhinking.com
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Book publication date: Oct. 9