Eggplant summer rolls

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2 Large            eggplant, sliced thin
2 cups              Moroccan cous cous, cooked and chilled
¼ cup               scallion, sliced
1/8 cup             toasted pine nut
1/8 cup             golden raisins
12 each            Large asparagus, grilled & chilled
1/8 cup             red onion, diced
TT                      Lemon
TT                      Salt & pepper

1. Toss sliced eggplant w/ extra virgin olive oil & salt and pepper.
2. Grill lightly but do not overcook
3. Toss all remaining ingredients together besides the asparagus
4. Season cous cous, if needed
5. Lay out grilled eggplant and place ¼ cup of cous cous mix on top
6. Lay two pieces of asparagus in and roll into a cylinder shape.

Red pepper jelly

6 each             Large Red Peppers (seeded and sliced)
1.5 cups          Apple Cider Vinegar
6 cups             Sugar
1/2 tsp             Salt
2 Tbsp             Jalapeno, minced
3 oz.                 Certo Liquid Pectin

1. Place peppers in a food processor and process until coarsely chopped but not pureed.

2. Transfer peppers to a large bowl with cider vinegar, sugar, salt, crushed red pepper flakes and jalapeno peppers. Mix well.

3. Transfer mixture to large pot over high heat and bring to boil. Add Certo and continue to cook at a slow rolling boil for approx. 20 minutes, until you can “drag” a spoon around edges of pan or until it passes the jelly test coating the back of the spoon or dripping from spoon very slowly.