Chandler woman concerned about what's in her neighbor's backyard

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- A green swimming pool in a Chandler backyard is causing waves in the neighborhood. Residents fear the pool is breeding ground for potentially dangerous mosquitoes.

“You can't see an inch down into the water,” said frustrated neighbor, Cindy Greenbaum.

Greenbaum's husband captured some cell phone video of his pool and his neighbor's pool to show the difference in color.

The couple is afraid the green pool is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Greenbaum is afraid of West Nile virus.

An elderly man with underlying health issues died from the virus in Maricopa County.

Two more people in Maricopa County have tested positive for the virus.

“So I fear that our health is at stake. So in particular we've got citronella candles. We use the bug spray. There's no way to avoid them when there's so many of them,” complained Greenbaum.

The upset neighbor said her neighbor's pool is green every year.

“There is algae and flying insects all around the edges of it,” described Greenbaum.

She's complained to the city several times over the years.

After she tried speaking to her neighbor's but got nowhere, this week Greenbaum filed another complaint.

A spokesperson for the city of Chandler confirmed they have one complaint on file for the green pool.

The city notified Maricopa County Vector Control.

3TV spoke to a man who answered the neighbor’s front door. He didn’t want to speak on-camera, but did say the pool was cleaned not too long ago and that it recently turned green.

The man also said the people living inside the house are seniors and they plan on cleaning the pool again.

“If it's not in use, empty it, definitely empty or clean it and keep it maintained or drain it,” suggested Greenbaum.

A spokesperson for the city of Chandler said in these cases homeowners have at least one month to clean up the pool.

If the pool is not cleaned up a judge could allow the city to clean the pool and charge the homeowner a fee.

This is what the City of Chandler has on its website regarding green swimming pools:

“Green Swimming Pools: Especially with recent health concerns, green pools and ponds will be of special concern. All architectural pools, ponds, basins, fountains or any swimming pool or spa, or any body of water must be maintained and filtered to insure water does not become stagnate and become a health issue.
What can I do if I get a notice and do not understand what the violation is?

Call your inspector. On the bottom of the notice is a place containing the phone number of your inspector. Code Enforcement encourages you call, not only if you have received a violation, but to answer any question you may have regarding your neighborhood. Code Enforcement is here to work with you to insure that our community will remain a highly valued place to reside. If you have further question, please call Code Enforcement at 480-782-4320.”

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