Glendale woman closer to recouping $500 deductible

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GLENDALE, Ariz. -- You might remember Dayna Lewis from a recent 3 On Your Side report when she claimed to be having problems with her insurance company, a problem that started when a truck crashed through her backyard block wall.

"It seems to be rolling in the right direction," Lewis said.

And that's the direction Lewis is headed after 3 On Your Side got involved.

“Glass shattered everywhere, some of it in the house because it went through the windows," Lewis said.

Lewis filed a claim with her homeowner's insurance company, Pacific Specialty, and the matter was quickly resolved when the company issued her a $7,000 check for repairs. However, Lewis had to pay a $500 deductible, money she says she shouldn't have had to pay at all because the accident wasn't her fault.
So, she contacted Pacific Specialty to see if they could recoup her deductible from the driver who caused all of this mess to begin with. But, Lewis said she got nowhere.

"They're like, 'Oh, we'll get to her, she doesn't matter,' and it's not nice," Leis said. "They are my insurance company. I pay to have you. You should be fighting for me."

3 On Your Side got involved and a spokesman tells me they are on top of Lewis' case. In an email, the spokesman said they are pursuing this matter diligently on behalf of (Lewis) against the responsible party.
And as soon as they recoup Lewis' $500 deductible, she will be refunded accordingly. That’s great news for Lewis, who says before 3 On Your Side, she wasn't getting any return phone calls or messages.

Knowing her insurance company is at least pursing the matter makes her feel a little better.

“It is helpful that they have started at least some correspondence and that I'm not just forgotten," Lewis said.

I appreciate Pacific Specialty looking into the matter. And again, it's all about communicating.