Green back-to-school lunch tips

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PHOENIX -- It's time to green up our back-to-school mindset.

Some very simple changes to your child's lunch (or even your own) can make a huge difference when it comes to converting to and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.

Biggest contributors to waste:

1. Plastic sandwich bags
2. Plastic bottles
3. Plastic utensils
4. Packaging - disposable juice boxes, wrappers, granola bars
5. Excess food

Tips to have a waste-free lunch:

1. Reusable lunch containers
2. Bamboo or steel utensils
3. Reusable drink containers
4. Reusable sandwich wraps
5. Reusable snack bags
6. Reusable drink containers
7. Cloth napkins
8. Bento kits
9. Send healthful snacks that will maintain your children's energy
10. Age-appropriate portions

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