Defense attorney discusses possible Loughner guilty plea

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The case of suspected Tucson shooter Jared Lee Loughner took a rather surprising turn over the weekend when the Los Angeles Times reported that Loughner will be entering a guilty plea on Tuesday.

Criminal defense attorney Jason Lamm spoke with 3TV shortly after the news broke to shed some light on what a guilty plea would mean for the case, and Loughner’s future.

Through forcible medication, officials have been able to make Loughner understand the seriousness of his charges, which Lamm says makes him competent to enter his plea.

“Essentially what’s going to happen at this point is he will plead guilty and the federal government is going to take the death penalty off the table, but he will spend the rest of his natural life behind bars,” Lamm explained.

The extreme nature of Loughner’s alleged actions may make some wonder why the death penalty would be removed from case. Lamm says because of Loughner’s mental state, agreeing to a life sentence might be the easiest way to bring closure to the victims.

“If it ever got to the point of imposing the death penalty there would be years and years of appeals challenging his competency,” said Lamm.

So what happens to Loughner if he agrees to spend the rest of his life in prison? Lamm said Loughner will likely reside in a supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.

“A former warden described it as a cleaner version of hell. Inmates have no contact with the outside world,” Lamm remarked.

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