Arizona man saves Alaskan brown bear

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PHOENIX -- It started as a wonderful day of Alaska fishing, but when Charlie Mettille floated upon a desperate bear cub, his calm day of casting quickly turned into a rescue mission.
“The mother ran off saying I can't help this bear, you guys go help him, because I can't help my baby,” said Mettille.
Her baby had gotten caught in a river whirlpool and couldn't get out.
“We weren't really thinking about our safety really, we were just thinking about, there's an animal that's going to drown if we don't help this thing,” said Mettille.
Though only a cub, Mettille knew simply plucking him out of the water wasn't safe and the fishing net wasn't working.
“Let's push him out that way, that's probably what we should do, push him back that way. Into the current that way he can get down there,” said Mettille.
It's an idea that eventually worked. The bear cub was able to make it to shore, find his mom again, and run away.

A feel good experience Mettille was glad he videotaped on his cell phone.
“People make up stuff all the time. I said if they see this video they're going to know we're actually telling the truth,” commented Mettille.