Things to buy in August

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PHOENIX -- Another school year is about to begin and that, of course, includes universities like Arizona State.  

It also means students and their parents will have to dig a little deeper into their wallets just to get prepared for the academic year.

But, according to, the month of August is one of the best times to buy school-related items.

Retailers like Target are known for discounting dorm furniture like futons, computer desks and mini fridges during August. 

Backpacks will also be deeply discounted this month at retail stores. In fact, you might want to buy two and use one as backup.

And, you might want to check out laptop computers this month. At some retailers, if you show your student ID, you can qualify for special promotions for rebates and free software.  

But August isn't just for school stuff. This time of year is probably the best time to purchase a barbecue grill.

I told about barbecue grills being pretty inexpensive when summer started because everyone wanted to cook out. However, the month of August is when retailers are trying to get rid of this year's grills for good, so they slash prices.

August is the month to snatch up a cheap cruise.  

Kids are back in school, vacations are pretty much over and people are planning for the upcoming holidays. Consumer advocates say that's exactly why you should purchase and take a cruise within the next two months.  

And finally, LCD TVs have rock-bottom prices during the month of August. Consumer advocates offer no reason why TV prices drop during August. However, I suspect it may have to do with the upcoming football season. You should see big screen TVs for as low as $450 this month.