Valley man says MVD's mistake cost him his car

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PHOENIX -- Jason Sobol does a lot of driving, and because he's on the road so much he says he's extra careful.

“I do about an hour to and from work every day so I'm used to driving. I don't speed. I'm not a huge speeder,” said Sobol.

When he was pulled over recently by police, he was somewhat surprised. But, he was even more shocked when the officer ran his driver's license and found out it was suspended

“He comes back and says 'well, you have a suspended license and we're going to have to impound your car,'" Sobol said.

Sobol couldn't believe it.  He has a good driving record, and he thought the entire ordeal was a mistake.

“I was in shock. I haven't received any notification. They are supposed to send you a notification your license is suspended, I would think,” said Sobol.

Sobol called the state’s Motor Vehicle Division, only to be further confused by their explanation. 

“They showed that my SR-22 and coverage was canceled,” said Sobol.

In other words, MVD's system indicated that Sobol had allowed his car insurance to expire without renewing or getting other insurance.
Sobol said his car insurance was always in effect, and even went to his agent who wrote this letter verifying there was "no lapse in coverage or interruptions."
The documentation was enough to get his license reinstated for a $12 fee of course. But that's a small amount compared to the $110 fee he had to pay to get his car out of impound. Remember, his car never should have been seized to begin with.

“It’s an absolute mistake. I'm the one unfortunately playing the victim to this," Sobol said.
3 On Your Side contacted the MVD.  An agency spokesperson said they're looking into the matter to see why the mistake happened. MVD said if they discover the mistake is on their end, Sobol will most likely be reimbursed.
“They suspend my license, and they towed my car, and the fact that they won't admit that they made a little mistake and say we're sorry and we'll cover the damages, that would be fine but they won't admit to anything,” said Sobol.

MVD continues to investigate the matter, 3 On Your Side will air an update when it happens.