NYC encourages new moms to breast feed

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

NEW YORK -- First it was soda, and now baby formula. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg reportedly is pushing hospitals in the area to promote breastfeeding.

It's all part of a voluntary citywide initiative to have new moms go this route while limiting the push for formula. In fact, the formula would have to be signed out just like medications.

“Its liquid gold for a baby,” Valley mom Kimberly Fergen said. “You can't get any closer to what your body creates.”

Fergen is all about breast feeding. Something she researched before her daughter Joanna was born back in March.

“I was a formula baby and I feel like I have challenges that might have been because I wasn't a breast fed baby,” Fergen said.

She is like so many other mothers choosing to breast feed because of the health benefits. So we asked her about how some New York City hospitals discourage baby formula by making moms-to-be check it out.
“I’m not sure putting it under lock and key is going to have any effect on it whatsoever,” Fergen said. “I think definitely before giving the formula they might want to have another conversation or pull in the lactation consultant, but if the baby needs formula and the mom is super stressed that is not good for anybody. So the mom should be able to have the formula.”

Doctor Laurie Pozun with Lifescape Medical Associates in Scottsdale also likes that breast feeding is being promoted. But she realizes that it's not for everyone.
“It's up to the mother to decide what's going to be best for her individual situation,” Pozun said.  “And there are definitely ways to work around the more difficult time management issues with breast feeding. But I think ultimately a happy mom makes a happy baby.”

The New York City program is expected to keep track of the baby formula being used at participating hospitals starting in September.