Lack of flood insurance adds to woes in Anthem

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

ANTHEM, Ariz.--- Homeowners in Anthem are learning the damage done by Tuesday's floods may not be covered by their insurance policies.

"The kicker is going to be some have the needed flood insurance, but some don't," said Mont Stevenson of Master Disaster Restoration, which has crews in Anthem working on repairs.

Anthem is not in a designated flood plain, so in most cases, neighbors say they did not realize their homes were at risk.   

County officials say flash flooding can affect any neighborhood in the Valley, especially during the monsoon.

The Anthem area was drenched with 5 inches of rain in just 90 minutes Monday evening.

"Incidents like this can be traced to a street drain issue, which your homeowner's insurance doesn't cover," explained Gant Wegner of Maricopa County Flood Control.

"Just because we haven't delineated it as a flood plain doesn't mean it isn't at risk," he added.

Wegner suggests all homeowners look into flood insurance.

"The price of a policy, which runs between $200 and $600 depending on risk and location, is a small price to pay to protect your home."

People living in a flood plain are often required to carry extra flood insurance, and cannot be denied coverage.

Staff at the county offices are available to answer homeowner questions. The number is 602-506-2419.

Further information is available about flood risk at

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