Paper mill set to close in Snowflake

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

SNOWFLAKE, Ariz. -- In just a couple of months, several hundred people in the town of Snowflake will be without a job.

Catalyst Paper has announced that they will be closing their paper mill in the northeastern Arizona town, leaving more than 300 families without a job.

“Just two weeks ago the mill was interviewing for new employees. So it is a shock,” said Arizona Senator Sylvia Allen.

Catalyst Paper has yet to announce exactly why they’re closing the mill, but they said it was a very tough decision.

“The decision to close Snowflake is an extraordinarily difficult one given the exceptional effort that employees, unions and public officials have given to address the unique challenges at this mill,” said President and CEO Kevin J. Clarke.

Residents of Snowflake are hoping they can find someone to step in and take over operations of the mill.

The plant will close at the end of September unless a new buyer can be found.

Catalyst to permanently close Snowflake recycle paper mill