Victim of alleged naked car jacker gives birth to miracle baby

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- A woman who was involved in a car crash police say was caused by the so-called naked carjacker is finally breaking her silence.

On June 29, Scottsdale police said 45-year-old John Brigham caused multiple car wrecks in north Scottsdale, allegedly carjacked a Prius, and ran around the street naked.

Investigators said Brigham was high on the synthetic drug PCP.

Camille Meng was 8 months pregnant when she was seriously injured in one of those crashes near Shea Blvd. and 90th St.

“I pulled out into street, and this guy just came straight into us and hit us. I just remembered thinking, we’re going to die, we’re going to die,” said Meng.

Meng’s white Lexus spun around and flew over the median, dislocating her right leg and shattering multiple bones in her left leg.

She said she never saw Brigham, because all she could focus on was the excruciating pain in her leg.

“My left foot, every bone in it is broken. My ankle is shattered. My tibia….is shattered,” said Meng. “It was just hurting so bad that’s all I could focus on. That and the fact that my baby might be dead.”

Meng felt contractions as she was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. She and doctors feared her baby was seriously injured, but the baby was able to hold on for another month before she was delivered early for safety reasons.

“We call her our little angel, our miracle baby,” said Meng, because Jasmine, now 12 days old, was born perfectly healthy at 6 pounds, 9 ounces.

Meng is still recovering from the car crash. She is wheelchair bound, has to use a bed pan, and sleeps in a hospital bed in Jasmine’s nursery.

She has a plate and a rod in her leg, which may be permanently damaged.

“This has totally turned my life upside down. I can’t go and pick up my baby when I want. I can’t do what a normal mom, what a new mom should be able to do. I feel robbed of that,” said Meng.

Brigham pleaded not guilty to all charges surrounding the incident in July. He is scheduled for his next court appearance September 6.

“I’m really angry,” said Meng, “But I’m working on my forgiveness, because at the end of the day that’s only going to hurt me. I don’t want to be angry at him, but he almost killed my baby.”