Phoenix man says car has been in repair shop for nearly a year and still not fixed

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix man wants his 19-year-old car to become a running classic. But instead, it's been sitting in a mechanic's garage.

We're talking about a Mercedes Benz. And back in the 1990s, it was probably a pretty nice car.

Edward Sims said it's tough getting around these days without a car.

“I need to utilize my vehicle for work, to and from. For personal matters as well," he stated.

So he decided to take his 1993 Mercedes Benz to a place called Luis' Auto Repair to get his car running and back on the road.

He also wanted the car fixed so it could eventually become a Classic.

"This Mercedes Benz, the car that I'm currently authorizing him to fix, is something that I'm rebuilding for a retirement," Sims explained.

Sims took the car to the repair shop nearly a year ago and since that time he said he has shelled out nearly $1,000 just to get the car running.

However, Sims said every time he thinks it's near running condition, Luis' Auto Repair finds a new problem that needs to be fixed but always promises it will be ready soon.

“This is the song and dance that I've been," Sims said.

3 On Your Side went down to Luis's Auto Repair Shop to talk to the owner, Luis Salas. 

Salas said the delay is simple. First, the project was more than he anticipated. And two, the 20-year-old car just needs a lot of work.

“All the pieces were in the trunk, he brought it on the tow truck,” said Salas.

And Salas said part of the delay isn't even his fault, claiming Sims is to blame for the slow down because he won't come up with the money for some of the repairs.

"He told me, take your time, I don't have the money right now," Salas remarked.

Sims disputes money has been an issue. 

However, it seems as though 3 On Your Side may have improved the communication and understanding between the two men which is good, because Salas wants the car fixed and out of his shop and Sims just wants his car.
“My car should be here in my garage,” Sims said.

Luis' Auto Repair said the Mercedes should be ready as early as next week.